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Terms and Conditions

Customer Service

Chef Cynthia Vainstein is committed to providing quality service to her guests; with the respect that each of them deserves, addressing their concerns and needs in a timely manner, through personalized follow-up based on their interest in knowing their services and procedures.​

Privacy and Security

For Chef Cynthia Vainstein the security of your information is a priority, to maintain your trust and protect your personal and banking data and offer you a quality service as you deserve. We count with a SSL certificate to guarantee the confidentiality of all the information you provide during the whole process from beginning to end.


When you make the reservation of your appointment, all the information you provide travels encrypted, this means that it travels in a format in which only the final server is able to understand and read.

Payment Methods

We have several forms of payment


  • Credit Card / Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

  • Bank Deposit

  • Wire Transfer

  • Cash

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