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Cooking and baking classes in La Condesa, Mexico City:

Cooking and baking classes in La Condesa, Mexico City:

Join to Cynthia Vainstein in her  kitchen La Condesa, for perssonal cooking and baking classes. Each recipe uses the highest quality ingredients. After cooking, you will enjoy  yours own delicious meal that you prepare it.

Our classes emphasize the importance of fundamental skills and techniques, ensuring that each participant learns the art of preparing meals completely from scratch. From chopping and sautéing to seasoning and baking, you'll be immersed in the entire culinary process.

Take a class to learn Peruvian ceviches and tartares, enjoy Mexican street food and artisan breads. We also offer classes in Thai food, ancient Lebanese cuisine, Taiwanese specialties, Italian pizzas and pasta, as well as traditional French pastries.

You will leave the class with the recipe and all the technical knowledge to recreate it in your own home. I am located in the La Condesa neighborhood. I hope to see you very soon to enjoy fun times while we cook together!

WHEN: Classes are detailed on the calendar, but if you are looking to book for another day of the week, feel free to email me. 
WHERE: Located in La Condesa, Mexico City.
WHO: All levels of cooking and baking. Ideal for individual classes or perfect for a group of friends, with your partner or family.
DURATION: Each class lasts 3 to 3.5 hours.

To book your class or get more about the different class options, click on read more.

We also offer private classes. 

For more information, send us an email:

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