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About me

"I love to cook and travel to discover new flavors and learn new recipes."

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It all started when I discovered my passion for exotic places and fell in love with the markets, the culture and, above all, the food I tried in every place I visited. Cooking is a powerful cultural expression. In my travels, I have always sought out the best flavors and dishes, and I have sought out local cooks and professional chefs to teach me how to recreate them in my own home.

I was born in Lima, Peru, one of the world's culinary meccas, and grew up in a home with exacting culinary standards. My mother, who had a cooking school and a baking business, is my inspiration.

It was in Lima where I signed up for the first of the hundreds of cooking and baking classes I have attended around the world. At the time, I was living abroad and felt an irresistible urge every time I returned home to understand the secrets behind Peru's most sophisticated cuisine. That experience led me to explore new destinations where I could learn new traditions and culinary practices in their place of origin. This is how I arrived in places as diverse as India, Taiwan, Mexico, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, among many others.

I studied hospitality management and then transitioned into education and teaching, which I have been involved in for many years. During the pandemic, in addition to working as a high school Spanish teacher, I spent many hours cooking. That's when my passion for food resurfaced and I decided to merge what I love most with what I do best: teaching and cooking.

In the summer of 2021, I spent three months in Paris, where I attended l'Ecole Ritz Escoffier, l'Ecole Ducasse and Le Cordon Bleu to increase my knowledge and professional training. In the summer of 2022, I returned to Paris to take an intensive baking course at Ferrandi Paris. Then I went to Thailand to take a professional Thai cooking course. In the summer of 2023, I took an intensive course at the Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria, Italy, on Pizza and Pasta.

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